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Anodized Aluminium Profiles
Company Brief Introductions:

1. We have more than 23 years experiance in aluminum extrusion.
2. We have 21 aluminum extruder production lines with the largest capacity 2,500 tons.
3. We control the entire process flow: Extruding, anodizing, painting (powder coating), wooden finish, CNC maching, Packing, etc.
4. We own full experiances in Fabrciation and Manufacturing services.

Product Introduction--Anodized Profiles

1) Anodizing film thickness: over 13μm
2) Anodizing grit size: #100
3) Fine anodizing grits help avoiding mechanical lines
4)Surface can hardly be scratched and grits spread evenly.
5) Strong abrasive resistance, weatherability, corrosion resistance

Item Technology Value
Thickness of film AA10、AA15、AA20、AA25
Hole sealing ≦30mg/d㎡
Corrosion resistance ≧9级
Wear resistance ≧300g/um